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"Int-globalshipping the best in import and exporting wood"

Our company

When it comes down to the import or export of wood, you have come to the right place with INT-Globalwoodshipping. Thanks to our vast selection of wood in combination with our low rates everyone is able to receive the best wood they can find. We provide numerous kinds of wood, from Amarante to Brudy. But what makes INT-Globalwoodshipping so special? What is the reason that you should come to us for the import and export of wood? That is exactly what we will show you in this article!

The history of our brand

Since our foundation, INT-Globalwoodshipping has been involved in the supply of sustainably produced timber for all sorts of sectors. Through a permanent network certified sawmills and forest owners, we have a continuous supply of all common types and sizes of wood. From our stock location where all this wood is stored we provide further processing of the ordered wood. This makes INT-Globalwoodshipping a complete supplier for the highest quality and sustainably form of wood.

The import of wood

INT-Globalwoodshipping is a large purchasing party and we do this on a relationship basis, often with suppliers who have been doing business with us since the day we began. Reliability, openness and an equal understanding of sustainability are expectations that we have of our supplier. This is the reason that we regularly discuss and think about the import of the wood together. Together with sawmills and forest owners, we are always working to do our work even better and more efficiently. This is guaranteed by communicating with sawmills abroad. This will not only benefit the customer, but also the environment.

How we treat customers

Reliability, openness and fulfilling all the agreements that have been made; that is what INT-Globalwoodshipping stands for. We see that our customers appreciate this kind of service, over the year our number of new customers have risen enormously. Besides that, quite a lot of existing customers keep coming back. With a large fixed stock in the usual sizes in all sort of wood, we can deliver all the orders within a short timeframe. We can have the necessary operations carried out by an adjacent mill or by third parties. Knowing the customer and understanding his needs is important to us. That’s why we work with specialized employees to keep the means of communication short and clear. This will ensure that we will always come up with the best and most practical solutions when this is needed.

The importance of container shipping

Choosing for container shipping means that your products will arrive way faster then before, this is because of the fact that there are fewer landing ports, less weather effects that come into play and less time wasted on loading and unloading. All the wood that will be shipped by us will be stored in a secure and dry way, this enables us to always provide you with the best quality. Contact our team to see what we can do for you.

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